Strategic Marketing
The importance of strategic marketing is straightforward: it points to results.
Without it, you’re working in the dark not knowing what you are going to run into.
Markets are people. They need to hear your message, listen to it, understand it, care about it, adopt it, and promote it. In other words, the end game is to connect emotionally with people and help propel them to try your company’s products or services and then become advocates.

Market Research
Your target markets’ emotional triggers and their buying habits should never be an intuitive process. When you consider potential in a given market, careful, disciplined research and a defined strategic direction become your keys to success. Our research helps you narrow your focus. Actionable results begin with our research.

Branding & Positioning
Branding and positioning mean omnipresence, recognition, value, and expectation coupled strategically with what you actually “own” in the markets you serve. Your brand must be strategically placed in this overcrowded marketplace.  Your brand needs to passionately touch the heart, mind, and emotions that drive us all. Without this emotional connection, no bridge exists and a relationship never develops.

Advertising, Media Plans & Placement
Where do you start, and what do you pick? How do you identify the right media, at the right time, in the right environment? Understanding Millennials, GenY, GenX, Boomers, Silent, and the Greatest generations and their segmentations is key to building brand awareness, conversations, transactions, lead generation, advocates, and influencers. Our results-driven approach to advertising, media plans, and placement helps you rapidly optimize your campaigns and collect and understand your company’s ROI metrics.

Event & Trade Show Marketing
According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 75% of today’s attendees come to a trade show with an agenda all their own. If you want them to visit you, you need to make it onto their “must-see” list. Interesting and creative call-to-action promotions—pre- and post-show—increase the flow of visitors so you can spend your time on personal interaction, the key to the development of a strong business relationship.