Creative & Design

Corporate Identity
A strong corporate identity is created through the proper use of visual elements, which define and represent what your organization stands for. Words and images work together to transform a corporate paradigm into a memorable visual, capable of creating an emotional connection with your target market.

Integrated into every aspect of your marketing communications, an identity starts with a logo and a positioning statement and grows into an array of other guidelines and standards that define the usage of any element connected with the name.

Print Advertising
Successful print advertising creates an immediate emotional, call-to-action response as it builds equity in your brand. With the proper frequency and reach, the prospect, customer or client walks away with your core message and is likely to aggregate value to your brand. We create ads that are not only creatively brilliant, but also effective in driving leads and sales for your products and services.

Collateral Materials
From annual reports to case statements, brochures, guides, point-of-sale, calendars and more, collateral materials promote, educate, sell, and inspire. Everything we create and produce strategically brands your organization to prospects, customers, clients and your associates, both in print, and online.

Content Development
Copywriting has a major impact on what people think of you and your company. Good content development should always be a priority. Quality copywriting is rarely about volume and mostly about clarity. More is not better, it’s just more. People need to understand your message and be moved by it to take action. It should compeland sell your product and/or service quickly and consistently. At The Souza Agency, we make sure your content makes an emotional connection, opens the mind, bridges the gap, and helps build your brand.

Custom Publishing
Simply defined, custom publishing is targeted content delivered to key audiences with a goal of increasing brand perception, improving brand loyalty, and influencing or improving the overall decision-making process. It marries the marketing desires of a company with the information needs of its target audience.

Transform your ideas into professionally published books, magazines, conference materials, visitor’s guides, and supplements. Custom publishing delivers results and gets you noticed. Our first-in-class products engage readers, build long-term relationships, and grow revenue. Just take a look at our latest award-winning publication:

African-American Heritage Guide

African-American Heritage Guide


Radio Advertising
With the right focus, mid-sized and small business owners may find that radio advertising can deliver more clients and customers quicker than they ever thought possible. Planning is essential when approaching radio advertising. The key is to have a clear understanding of the market, so the message is delivered to the right audience.

Many business owners believe that radio advertising is beyond their advertising budget. What few know is that advertising on targeted local stations is surprisingly affordable. As your agency, we’ll help you find the most cost-effective way to reach your audience and increase brand awareness.

Digital Video, Animation, and Impact Movies

Ever wanted to go viral with your marketing communications? An Impact Movie can do just that. Just imagine how many prospects you could reach on YouTube, FaceBook, Google video and other video sharing social networks.

Working with Angel Vision Technologies, Impact Movies are powerful messages that show the important benefits of your products and services in a compelling way.  Used in conjunction with audio and visual imaging we create strong brand messages to produce a fully-integrated end-product  you can more than twenty different ways.

Impact Movies are an effective and economical way to get a strong and consistent brand message out to a very large number of people. Impact Movies are also great support materials for events and trade shows, sales presentations, and product demos as images inspire and empower creativity in a way that words can not.

  • The multi-media aspect ensures that people will understand and remember your message.
  • Your Impact Movie can be updated , modified, and used for years.
  • It can target specific markets with specific messages