Dames at Sea…You gotta see this one.

If you like musicals that are top notch in everything…dancing, singing, sets, costumes, and live music, you certainly don’t want to miss Infinity Theatre Company’s Dames at Sea, with shows running in Annapolis, MD for the next three weeks. Directed and Choreographed by Randy Skinner, 3-Time Tony Nominee, Dames at Sea is a fun, tap-happy, Navy-crazy musical with characters and scenes you won’t easily forget, like the Mona Kent (Kristie Kerwin) and The Captain (Erick Buckley) number in the Second Act that steals the show!

Here is a sneak peak at the second day of rehearsals!

Don’t wait! Click here for tickets as this straight-from-Broadway musical is here only for a short time!

Randy Skinner

Randy Skinner
(photo courtesy of Infinity Theatre Company)

For more about Randy Skinner, you’ll enjoy this DC Theatre Scene’s  live interview.  Says Randy, “I want to hit the audience with the power of tap dance, to elevate this form and take the audience to a whole other level. And I work on everything as if it’s a Broadway opening.” And he does, from the moment the curtain opens to the closing chorus with the entire company. Join Ruby, Dick, Joan, Lucky, The Captain, and Mona as they tap-dance their way to Broadway!

dames at sea

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