Destination Marketing

Prince George’s County Maryland Conference & Visitors Bureau, a Destination Marketing Organization here in Maryland, needed a new website. Actually, several. So we went to work.

Two of the sites we developed have won State awards. The website won the annual IMPACT AWARD at the Maryland Tourism and Travel Summit for a organization that has made a major impact with an important industry project or product.

Historic Prince George's Website

Impact Award Winner

Another Prince George’s County website, OneNews, also won the BEST ELECTRONIC MARKETING AWARD at the Maryland Tourism and Travel Summit. This award recognizes the most strategic, innovative, and successful electronic marketing initiative to attract visitors to the State of Maryland.

We hope you’ll check them out and give us your opinion.

And, if you have time, please take a look at which has just been launched. In the second full month after launch, unique visitors increased from 19,000+ to 42,000+. Using HTML5.0 and CSS3 to improve SEO was a great choice.

One News Website

Winner of the Best Electronic Marketing Award


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