Color, Color Everywhere!

Flipping through our favorite magazines, we can’t help but notice some of the eye-popping ads between the pages. They immediately grab our attention and pull us in with a unique photo, message, design, or whatever it may be that makes them stand out from the rest.  But this advertisement, which made its way right smack on the cover of Graphic Design USA Magazine, actually made us do a double-take!

As tempting as this sundae may look upon first glance, you might not want to dig in right away… If you take a closer look, you’ll see that from the scoops to the sprinkles, everything is actually crafted from paper color chip samples!

You may have been awed by paper crafter, Matthew Sporzynski’s work before if you are familiar with Real Simple Magazine.  If not, here are a few examples of his work:

Click here to see Matthew Sporzynski’s full gallery from Real!

And yes, each of these meticulously sculpted images is made entirely of paper!  “I can make anything out of paper,” says Sporzynski, “No one’s come up with something I’ve not been able to do.”  For years he has been creating all sorts of incredible paper constructions that have been used for invitations, place cards, party favors, centerpieces, and more.  His Manhattan-based company, Couturier de Cardboard, has served clients ranging from John Galliano to the Museum of Modern Art.

Matthew constructing his next paper masterpiece!

His imaginative products and featured spreads in magazines have received much well-deserved attention and popularity – enough, in fact, to inspire Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores’ new ad campaign, “Color Chips”.  The four print ads each feature a different colorful object made from Sherwin Williams paint chips, accompanied by the tagline, “Make the most of your color with the very best paint”.

The intense focus on color really transforms these photos from something that is simply different, to something you can’t take your eyes off! For the past few years, Sporzynski’s work has been encouraging crafters everywhere to see what they can do with paper.  His new sculptures have taken it a step further; encouraging designers to see what they can do with color.

Color is a beautiful thing, in and of itself, and it seems there are countless uses for it in the marketing world and beyond.  A study conducted by University of Loyola found that color has the ability to increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent.  Not only that – It also has the power to capture our attention, to make a statement, and to bring about certain moods and memories.  In each color there is a unique personality, a different emotional connection that can be made if used appropriately.  It is a consistent, universal language that speaks to all – and a very effective one at that.

Say It With Color

How do you want people to see your brand?

Black – Classy, Sophisticated, Formal, Dramatic

Red – Passionate, Exciting, Energetic, Strong

Orange – Confident, Balanced, Warm, Encouraging

Yellow – Optimistic, Imaginative, Joyful, Intelligent

Green – Environmentally friendly, Vigorous, Hopeful, Responsible

Blue – Dependable, Stable, Loyal, Honest

Purple – Powerful, Sentimental, Spiritual, Wise

At The Souza Agency, we see color as more than just an area of expertise – it is a passion of ours.  We recognize color as one of the most powerful tools in the art of visual communication, and as a major key to success when creating remarkable brands for our clients.  The Sherwin-Williams ads tell us to “make the most of [our] color,” but let’s not forget that we can also use color to make the most of our branding and marketing.

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