Make Way for the Swamp Hut Brand

Looking into one of the Sleeping Huts

Looking into one of the Sleeping Huts from the Campfire

Remember the first time you pitched a tent in your backyard, packed it with flashlights, chips, coke, a transistor radio, plus two of your best friends with scary stories, and pretended you were in the woods searching for wild things that howl in the night? Well, you’re not alone. These talented architects surely remembered their backyard adventures. So much so that they created an off the grid, warm-weather hide-away in Newton, MA for families and friends of Moskow Linn Architects (Boston, MA) called the Swamp Hut. Completed in the summer of 2008, the hut consists of four A-frame, 8-by-12-foot structures, clustered around an outdoor deck with a “campfire” taking center stage.

Dining Hut A-Frame Roof has no walls and is open to the sky.

Dining Hut A-Frame Roof has no walls and is open to the sky.

“Designed to float lightly upon the land”, a footbridge plus two sleeping, one dining, and one cleansing hut make up The Swamp Hut. Rudimentary cots, canvas chairs, handmade benches, shelves, and a dining table round out the modest furnishings. Due to it’s remote location, the architects built most of the project themselves…digging the foundation with shovels, and carrying materials to the site by hand.

Framed in Hemlock, Beech, and Cedar Trees

Framed in Hemlock, Beech, & Cedar Trees

Here at Team Souza we commend  Moskow Linn Architects‘ team for their  innovation, creativity, and sense of adventure. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment roasting marshmallows around an open fire in a modern-day, sustainable structure that you built with your own hands using leftover wood to fuel the fire! It’s a long way from the backyard…or maybe for them it really isn’t.

Dining Hut A-Frame Roof has no walls and is open to the sky.

Dining Hut A-Frame Roof has no walls and is open to the sky.

Keith Moskow, AIA, likened his “shovel” adventure to Thoreau’s On Walden Pond. “Walden Pond is considerably nicer than our swamp,” he joked.  Well, Keith, we think you all did a marvelous job of bringing the childhood of so many of us back to life! Think about the strategic, creative, and design work that actually went into this project. The unexpected charm. The emotional connection. The wow factor. This environmentally-friendly refuge speaks volumes about the capabilities of this firm. Sure, you can dream about something…but to make it come alive takes talent, hard work, experience, and the will to persevere when the going gets tough. Keith Moskow and his architecture design partner, Robert Linn, have proved they’re worthy of the dream.

Four structures, the deck, and campfire

Built on a strong foundation to weather the storms...

Actually, around here we dig pretty deep foundations (not with shovels, of course) for our client’s brands. Their dream is similar to that of the Swamp Hut…make it a reality that will last for generations. We take brand dreams pretty seriously, knowing that wild things howling in the night can make the journey pretty scary. We also know that if the brand foundation is built to withstand even the most volatile economic climate,  a thunderstorm in the backyard won’t send the campers running into the house for cover!

Oh, and by the way…Moskow Linn Architects won a Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for this project, which we think is very well deserved.

Until the next adventure…Team Souza

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