Saying Goodbye to one of Nature’s Finest

Yesterday was a sad day at Team Souza. We arrived at work looking forward to a peaceful, productive, and a potentially spring-like day with the birds chirping away and caring for their nests in some trees nearby.  What we got was something very different. Picture a 120+ year old oak tree (our calculations using a 4 ft. diameter and 24″ radius) in a neighboring property simply minding its own business, and providing shelter and a place to rest and play for scores of birds, squirrels, and other  creatures blessed with its presence. Then picture a large crane towering around 40 feet in the air cozying up to the tree in preparation for destroying it. Now taking down a tree that is dangerous, diseased, or dying is one thing. Taking down a healthy tree of this magnitude and historic significance simply because you want to is something else entirely.

One of Nature's Finest

One of Nature's Finest

Picture shows first tree limb severed from tree at the end of the crane line.

You can see the cut limb directly below the man in the tree.

You know the rest of the story. When a neighbor does something like this it’s so unsettling, it defies explanation. Mother nature didn’t deserve this. The birds are screeching out for their lost nests, and flying around aimlessly in total disorientation and disbelief. They are hurting. We are too.

We’re reminded of the children’s book “The Giving Tree”. Looking at that stump—now the only thing that remains—we can’t help but wonder…

Same tree with just one branch remaining

Same tree with just one branch remaining

Picture shows last tree limb being prepared for removal.

We are practical, realistic, and pragmatic people around here, and we’re not for “saving every single tree” on the planet.  Yet, what was done to that tree yesterday was utterly uncaring.  Truly.

So, still in shock, we say goodbye with our hearts heavy at the loss of something so very special to this neighborhood, our county, our state, and our eco-system.

Team Souza

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